Dudley Quinlivan

Dudley Quinlivan: The Philanthropist

Dudley Quinlivan never seems to take a break from his charitable activities around the year. A dedicated businessman based out of Queensland, Australia, Mr. Dudley Quinlivan is known for his humanitarian work done all over the Australia. Besides increasing literacy amongst the underprivileged, he finds other ways to richen their lives. Whether it’s donating for education or sports, Dudley Quinlivan never shies away from helping the community as a whole.

In the recent past, Dudley Quinlivan, an avid football supporter, enlivened the lives of several football players at the Surfers Paradise Football Club on the Gold Coast. Understanding the importance of productive activities, Dudley Quinlivan donated $45,000 to acquire player facilities and to encourage the development of football within the region. Mr. Quinlivan realized the harmful impact idle time can have on youngsters, so he wanted to create an outlet for the growing youth to channel all their energy in a positive way.

The Club President, Alastair Mitchell, was ecstatic thanks to Dudley Quinlivan’s generous contribution. The President knew this money would go a long way towards the development of youth within the region. Thanks to the endowment made by Dudley Quinlivan, the club has now enrolled over 300 players, including youngsters, senior men and women, and an Old Boys team comprising of senior citizens. Mr. Quinlivan has another reason for his special attachment towards the club because two of his grandsons also play in it. He is just delighted with the prospect of a better future for the whole community.

These kinds of efforts will promote good behavior and endorse the youth to pursue a healthy lifestyle. In addition, it will foster development and teamwork in the community which will have a positive long-term impact. When asked how he feels about his contribution to the Football Club, Dudley Quinlivan stated, “Seeing young people who are fit and healthy and playing sport at this level is gratifying to me.”

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